Creating your perfect Hot Dog

Well it sounds simple enough , but is it really? No doubt any idiot can Grill up a Hot Dog, If your in a hurry you could microwave it, if your a student throw couple in your coffeemakers carafe and fill with water and voila! However none of these methods will net you a perfect Hot dog…..

Since ingredients vary by location, the first thing you need to do is some R&D (Research and Drinking) You need to select the perfect ingredients in order to make the perfect hot dog. There are countless types of hot dogs on the market as well as buns and by far the only sure way is to test yourself until you find what you are looking for. Some basics however are an all beef Hot dog with as little filler if not none and of course a very fresh bun for it to have a nap on. Picking the perfect buns can be more difficult however after years of searching I found mine and am apt to marry her. 🙂

Creating the perfect hot dog wont happen on the first try, but with adequate R&D, using the methods I list below each time you will eventually create your perfect hot dog.

Since this is my first article ill remind everyone that I am by no means an expert, all of my methods I have researched and tried myself so I know they work, and if you have a better way please feel free to share it!

Rule#1 Chicago hot dog aficionados will disagree here, but in my opinion DO NOT BOIL YOUR HOT DOGS! Unless you want a greasy mess and a flavourless meal, boiling is the #1 way to make a gross hot dog!

All of my methods will be based on using a Charcoal Grill, if you are using gas / electric the methods can be adapted minus the added flavour ;).

  1. Preheat your Grill, since it is December here in Canada and quite cold in the old igloo you will need to preheat your charcoal for longer then the usual 20 minutes and add at least another 10 minutes.
  2. I recommend the use of a shallow baking pan with a grill at the bottom, basically what you are trying to accomplish is to make a steamer that will sit on top of your grill. (Fig#1)
  3. Bring water to a boil in the steamer directly over the coals and move to the opposite side of the grill away from the coals for indirect heat and insert hot dogs, cover the pan with tin foil and close the lid of your grill.
  4. The hot dogs will usually take about 15 – 20 minutes to steam depending on the wind / weather, giving us enough time for at least one to two beers (depending on the season) and some time to prepare some sauteed onions. This you can also do in a pan on the grill, or stuff them in tin foil packet with some butter in the corner of the grill. A dash of garlic powder, salt and fresh ground pepper to the mix are recommended. No onions are definitely not mandatory but to me a hot dog with out onions is a complete failure.
  5. Now that your hot dogs are fully steamed, this means they will be completely warmed through and are ready to hit the grill.
  6. GRILL TIME! By now your grill will be extremely hot and the whole point of this next step is to merely add the finish touch and give your hot dogs some grill marks. The hot dogs are ready to go now you just need to make em look good. So go ahead an remove them from there sauna and place them on a 45 degree angle to your grill. This should not take long so watch closely and flip the hot dogs to the other side angled to the grill again to finish them off. Optionally depending on the type of hot dog you are using you may need to cut three or four slits at a 45 degree angle in the hot dogs to prevent them from bursting.
  7. Condiments, now that you have created your perfect hot dog ensure you have high quality garnishes for it as well, your hot dogs ready to party not going to a funeral; so give it what it deserves, with fresh condiments for its night out on your plate.
  8. EAT!!
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